Marina Maintenance

Maintenance is a major priority for the Marina's Management, both from a service perspective and for health and safety reasons.

If you see any maintenance issues on the Marina please report them to  Please attach any photographs which may help identify the issue.

Below are Fix It issues that have been logged and are either Underway or Resolved.

Item & Comments
21 June 2017 Boat Ramp needs waterblasting more frequently to address build up of slime.    
18 May 2017 Carpet on E pier has been removed and needs replacing WIP Accessing non skid materials
3 May 2017 Light bulbs need replacing on C Pier - 4th pedestal in and end pedestal Tick Image Both light bulbs replaced
 2 Apr 2017 Hose under bridge on D pier leaking Tick Image Hose replaced
24 Apr 2017 Floating ring needs replacing A17-A15 Tick Image Replaced
24 Apr 2017 Floating ring needs replacing A21-A19 Tick Image Replaced
24 Apr 2017 Floating Ring needs replacing A33-A31 Tick Image Replaced
24 Apr 2017 Floating ring A39 - A41 needs replacing Tick Image Replaced
18 Apr 2017 Floating ring between D 16 and D18 needs replacing Tick Image Replaced
11 Apr 2017

Broken shower head support, in accessible toilet/shower below office

11 Apr 2017 Launching ramp fender by road needs repair Tick Image Repaired
28 Mar 2017 Sump at south east corner of trailer park A need cleaning Tick Image Cleaned Out
23 Mar 2017 Pole between berth A3 and A5 missing hat Tick Image Replaced
22 Mar 2017 Light Failure in right hand cubicle of ladies toilet below office Tick Image REPLACED
22 Mar 2017 Light failure in shower area of ablution below office Tick Image  
22 Mar 2017 Check floating ring between Lady Sharon and Anvil on E Pier - it has sunk Tick Image Floating ring replaced
21 Mar 2017 Replace or repair carpet on B Pier bridge - it is loose and rucks up under foot  - could be a trip hazard carpet ordered  
21 Mar 2017 Tap on B Pier pedestal 5 dripping Tick Image  
7 Mar 2017 Fire Hose next to TP43 needs repair Tick Image NEW REEL FITTED
7 Mar 2017

Replace damaged inspection hatch at end of E pier.

Tick Image hatch replaced ,
3 Mar 2017 Pier G exit button has a lag before gate will open Tick Image-273 Checked and problem sorted 3/03/2017
3 Mar 2017 Ablution block exit button working intermittently Tick Image-273 Checked and adjusted 3/03/2017
3 Mar 2017 Lock on disabled ablution block door loose Tick Image-273 Repaired 3/03/2017
21 Feb 2017 Magnetic lock loose on F Pier gate Tick Image-273 Repaired 21/02/2017
17 Feb 2017 Fire hose on pier E 01 not operating Tick Image repaired
30 Jan 2017 Repair front door to unit 1 Tick Image-273 REPAIRED
30 Jan 2017 Replace roof screws over units C1,2 & 3. Tick Image-273 REPAIRED
27 Jan 2017 Ring on pole D12 rusted and needs replacing Tick Image-273 Replaced 31/1/17
24 Jan 2017 Replace broken triangular pedestal footing on E Pier Tick Image Replaced 10/3/17
24 Jan 2017 Internal doors to women's WC in marine center not closing Tick Image Repaired 21/2/17
24 Jan 2017 New floating ring required for berth C43 Tick Image-273 Replaced 31/1/17
20 Jan 2017 Security lights on north side of Marine Centre stolen Tick Image-273 Replaced with dome security cameras
12 Jan 2017 Disability toilet lock broken Tick Image-273 Replaced 12 Jan 2017
12 Jan 2017 Blocked male toilet Tick Image-273 Cleared 12 Jan 2017
12 Jan 2017 Rust stains from shower unit in disability toilet Tick Image-273 Removed 12 Jan 2017
10 Jan 2017 Light out in disability toilet below marina office Tick Image-273 Completed 10 Jan 17
6 Jan 17 Large log floating near south side of G Pier Tick Image-273 Removed and disposed of on 6 Jan 17
6 Jan 17 Anemometer on weather station broken Tick Image-273 Weather station repaired 20 Jan 17
5 Jan 17 Rubbish on floor of container Tick Image-273 Cleaned up by staff on 5 Jan 17
4 Jan 17 Three power pedestals on E Pier require replacement washers to hold them securely in place Tick Image-273 Completed by Seven Electrical on 4 Jan 17.
21 Dec 16 Power pedestal by berth D24 is loose Tick Image-273 Repaired 23 Dec 2016
21 Dec 16 Floating Ring by berth C20-C22 needs checking to see if it needs to be replaced Tick Image-273 checked ok
20 Dec 16 Weather Station not functioning Tick Image-273 Weather station program has been updated and now running satisfactorily
12 Dec 16 Trailer Park B  - potholes in park needing repair WIP  
12 Dec 16 Trailer Park B electric fence wires broken Tick Image-273 Completed 13 Dec 16
9 Dec 16 All rubbish bins in rubbish containers need to be cleaned Tick Image-273 Completed 20 Dec 16
6 Dec 16 New door installed for MGC Tick Image-273 6 Dec 2016
30 Nov 16 WMC Light in ladies toilet needs replacing Tick Image-273  Replaced 30 Nov 16
23 Nov 16 Mice in Unit 5B  - Advise Pest Control to place traps and poison Tick Image-273 Pest control provided bait traps  23 Nov 2016
23 Nov 16 Pedestrian gate to boatyard lock not working Tick Image-273 Repaired 25/11/16
22 Nov 16 Unit 9 double doors not closing.  Ceiling tile needs repair Tick Image-273 23 Nov 16 door repaired
22 Nov 16 Water pooling between D6 and D8 Tick Image-273 Checked several times but have not seen this occuring
22 Nov 16 Loose carpet on D Pier ramp Tick Image-273 28 Nov 16
22 Nov 16 Missing cone on pile between berths D4 and D6 Tick Image Replaced
22 Nov 16 Pier D repair mounting bracket on gate WIP In discussion with engineers
18 Nov 16 Hat on pole by berth G18 needs replacing Tick Image-273 Replaced
18 Nov 16 Logs and rubbish on G Pier Tick Image-273 23 Nov 16
18 Nov 16 light out on pedestal by berth G31 Tick Image-273 2 December 2016
18 Nov 16 Toilet flushing continuously E Pier ablution block Tick Image-273 19 Nov 16
18 Nov 16 Floating ring needs to be placed on pole between berths E12 and E14 Tick Image-273 Replaced 31/1/17
15 Nov 16 Remove damaged Fender on Berth C45 Tick Image-273 resolved, not an SML fender. Berth holders fender
15 Nov 16 Pedestrian gate by Burnsco Tick Image-273 Repaired 25 Nov 16
15 Nov 16 GWRC posts fallen over by gate to Trailer Park A - to be removed Tick Image-273 Broken post removed 1 Dec 16
15 Nov 16 Post Earthquake damage:
Tarseal damage as follows:
in front of LBYC
Central causeway
Trailer park A
  All remedial work has been completed.
9 Nov 16 Replace fender on berth C01 Tick Image-273 29 Nov 16
7 Nov 16 Unit 5B roller door faulty - needs to be repaired Tick Image-273 22 Nov 16
1 Nov 16 Repair fender on berth D12 Tick Image-273 1 November 2016
29 Oct 16 Lay more 5 knot markers by the boat ramp approaches Tick Image-273 marker buoys being repaired
27 Oct 16 Large sail and metal sheet dumped in rubbish container by office - needs to be removed to the boatyard rubbish skip. Tick Image-273 1 November 2016
27 Oct 16 A Pier bridge carpet is loose - needs to be glued down when dry Tick Image-273 1 November 2016
27 Oct 16 3 Lights out in ablution block below office Tick Image-273 27 October - one still to be replaced in shower but shower occupied when others replaced
20 Oct 16 Put laundry notice board up after installation of new washer dryer Tick Image-273 21 Oct 16
14 Oct 16 Dripping tap in ablution block below office Tick Image-273 15 Oct 16
6 Oct 16 Replace rubbing strip on berth D02. Tick Image-273 7 Oct 16
4 Oct 16 Left hand washing machine half filling with water Tick Image-273 10 Oct 16.  Machine serviced.
1 Oct 16 Laundry light out. Tick Image-273 1 Oct 16.  Replaced.
29 Sep 16 Clean up fuel spill in trailer park A12. Tick Image-273 3 Oct 16
27 Sep 16 D pier trolley needs crack repaired Tick Image-273 At the repairers
27 Sep 16 Two lights out in shower/ablution block under office Tick Image-273 29 Sep 16.  Lights replaced.