Ablution & Laundry

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The laundry is located in the ablution block below the marina office and is a dedicated facility for liveaboard customers.

It contains four coin-operated washing machines and four driers, an ironing board and a drop-down table for folding washing. 

Washers and driers are coin-operated at a cost of $4 for a wash and $4 for the dryer.



Four showers are located in the ablution block under the marina office and two showers are in the toilet/shower facility opposite E Pier. 

Showers are dongle operated and are available from the marina office for $20, which comes preloaded with $10 credit. The dongles can be loaded at the marina office with $10 - $30 value. The cost of a shower is $2 and last approximately 7 minutes.



Toilets are located in the ablution block under the marina office, opposite the entrance to E Pier and in the Wellington Sea Centre. 

Access to the ablution and E Pier toilets is by proximity disc only. 
The Sea Centre toilets are open only between the hours of 6:30 am - 6 pm each day.