Boat Yard Rules

Boatyard rules
In consideration of others we ask that you please apply the following rules while your vessel is on the boat yard:

  • NO grinding of steel unless the vessel is fully encapsulated. The encapsulation must be approved by the boatyard supervisor.

  • NO sandblasting unless the vessel is fully encapsulated.

  • NO spray painting unless the vessel is fully encapsulated.
  • A Hot Work Permit is required for any welding or gas cutting work undertaken on a vessel.  Hot Work Permits can be obtained from the Marina Office.​
  • Please keep your site tidy as you work and clean up your site when you have completed your time on the boat yard.

  • Place all rubbish in the bins provided.

  • Place waste oil in waste oil container situated by the north western gate to the boat yard (opposite Strait Marine). 

  • Living aboard your vessel while it is on the boatyard is NOT PERMITTED.

Health and Safety

Seaview Marina is committed to providing a safe workplace for its employees and all contractors who work for us on site.  To achieve this we are requiring contractors and sub-contractors to have their own sound health and safety practices and procedures in place and to sign in and out at the marina officer whenever they are  working on site 

We will also be taking part in the ACC Workplace Safety Management Programme which requires an independent audit of our health and safety systems every two years.

Best Management Practices

Maintenance activities on boat yards are potential sources of a wide range of pollutants that may enter the marina water if not controlled.

Seaview Marina is a certified ‘Clean Marina’ and has achieved this accreditation by adopting control measures which will greatly reduce pollutants from entering our marine environment. The focus is on the containment and capture of contaminants at source.