Wellington Marine Centre

The Wellington Marine Centre building has over 2000 m² of floor area housing nine separate marine related businesses. This means boat owners have instant access to many of the services and products they need when working on their boats.

The business services are:
  • Marine engineering
  • Inboard motor servicing
  • Canvas products
  • Boat building and repair
  • Boat broking
  • Boat management
  • Marine insurance
  • Fishing chartering
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Chandlery
As well as this Seaview Marina retains one large 22m x 10m workshop which it hires out on a daily basis. This provides the opportunity to work on vessels under cover, without the holdups caused by bad weather. The marina’s 50 tonne travel lift is able to transport vessels directly from the water into the sheds.  Contact the Marina Office for information about hiring the unit and to make a booking.

Included in the Wellington Marine Centre are excellent ablution facilities, as well as a lunchroom which can be utilised by staff in the Marine Centre businesses and contractors working in the boatyard.