Catamaran Berths
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Catamaran Berths

Seaview Marina has 22 catamaran berths for vessels up to 26m long and 10m wide. All berths are floating and have 240 Volt 10 and 16 amp power and water supplied.
Long Term Rental
Annual Charge:
14m $8,670 + $58 One-off Registration Fee
18m $10,914 + $58 One-off Registration Fee
  24m $16,320 + $58 One-off Registration Fee
  26m $17,340 + $58 One-off Registration Fee
Casual Rate: 14m                       $45 per day  
  18m                       $55 per day
  24m                          $60 per day
  26m                         $70 per day

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18m Berths

18m Berths

Location: The 18m berths are located on pier E.
Long Term Rental
Annual Charge:
$8,498 + $58 One-off Registration Fee (minimum stay three months)
Casual Rate: $50 per day
Casual Berths

Casual Berths

Location: All marina berths can be rented on a casual basis, subject to availability.  
Casual Rental
Daily Charges:
Casual rental is charged on a daily basis only and varies depending on the size of berth rented.  Please check the Types of Berth and Tariff page for more information.
Casual Rate Criteria: Casual rates apply to any stay of less than three (3) months.
Live Aboard

Live Aboard

The marina has all the in water and out of water facilities you need for your stay:
  • Modern and clean showers, toilets and laundry facilities.
  • Secure piers, locked at night.
  • Solid breakwater, offering protection from storms and swells.
  • A wide range of services at the Wellington Marine Centre, including sails and rigging, outboard servicing, diesel engineering and much more.
  • A great on-site cafe.
  • The Seaview/Gracefield area of Lower Hutt hosts a very wide range of engineering and other services.
At Seaview Marina liveaboard is defined as 'to sleep overnight on the boat for more than 3 consecutive nights'.  This is a premium service which we are happy to offer to berth rental customers.

For casual marina visitors there is no liveaboard tariff as it is included in the casual boat fee.  For longer-term tenures the tariff is the annual rate for the boat length plus $110 per month.  For longer-term tenure there is also a one-off registration fee of $58 to cover the establishment of the contract when taking up a berth rental.

The application process to be accepted as a liveaboard is as follows:
  • Complete an application form.
  • Attend an interview with the Chief Executive of the marina.
  • Provide two rental referees in support of the application.
  • Provide permission for Seaview Marina to undertake a Ministry of Justice check and a credit check.
You can download our Liveaboard brochure here to begin the process.

Liveaboard Tariffs
Boat length Casual daily rate Long term annual fee (prorated to length of stay) Live aboard monthly fee Registration fee for annual licences
10m $30 $3,719 $110 $58
12m $35 $4,602 $110 $58
14m $40 $5,588 $110 $58
16m $45 $6,604 $110 $58
18m $50 $8,331 $110 $58
Cat 12-16m $45 $8,500 $110 $58
Cat 16-20m $55 $10,700 $110 $58
Cat 24m $60 $16,000 $110 $58
Cat 26m $70 $17,000 $110 $58

In addition to the standard marina contract, some additional rules apply to Liveaboards
  1. Permanent liveaboards are permitted in Seaview Marina only by approval of the marina management. ‘Liveaboard’ means to sleep overnight on your vessel for more than 3 consecutive nights while it is moored in the marina.
  2. The liveaboard must be the owner of the vessel. Living aboard is not permitted on leased or rented vessels.
  3. Liveaboards will be reviewed annually.
  4. Liveaboard approval is not transferable to other persons.
  5. The vessel must comply with a boat safety inspection by the marina management and must be capable of making way under its own power.
  6. All vessels with liveaboards must hold a current Electrical Warrant of Fitness (EWoF) and permanent power connections must comply in all respects with the relevant regulations.
  7. Only one power point per vessel to be used. Electricity consumption shall be limited to battery chargers and small household appliances (i.e. TV, radio). No electrical heaters are to be left switched ‘on’ in unattended vessels.
  8. There shall be no discharges of sewage from vessels into the marina. Vessels fitted with a toilet must have a functioning black water holding tank.
  9. Shore-side toilet and showers must be used at all times.
  10. No laundry to be hung off the vessel.
  11. The vessel shall be maintained in good and safe condition.
  12. Piers and finger piers must be kept clear at all times.
  13. Pets are permitted on liveaboards in the marina, subject to prior agreement with management (dog breeds, number of pets etc).  Please note that if your pet proves to be a nuisance then management has the right to require that your pet be removed from the marina.
  14. All vehicles are to be maintained in good condition and must be warranted and registered at all times.
  15. Vehicles are not to be used as storage.
  16. The marina management may vary the rules by written notice to the berth occupiers. If there is any inconsistency between the provisions of these rules and the provisions of the Berth and Trailer Park Rental Agreement the provisions of the latter shall prevail.